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We deliver flexible printed circuit and custom material technology to help you solve today’s toughest electrification, thermal management, autonomous mobility, and human-machine interface challenges.

We engineered and delivered the first flexible circuit to Ford for their 1965 Thunderbird instrument cluster. Since then, we’ve collaborated with countless other automotive partners to advance comprehensive mobility innovation. Our bespoke, bleeding-edge circuit technologies can be folded, twisted, and miniaturized to conform to virtually any 3D structure.

Our flexible printed circuits and custom materials can be found in vehicles engineered by every major OEM in the world.

Making batteries more reliable.

Our flexible printed circuits (FPCs) are engineered from a single piece of thin, lightweight material, making them far more reliable than traditional wire harnesses which involve connectors and joints that can come loose or corrode over time. 

Turning car seats into the ideal wearable device.

We’re pushing beyond passive seat sensor technologies to include active diagnostics capable of determining occupant health and well-being. Our flexible, curved circuit technology makes biometric sensing possible by turning seats into wearable devices.

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