Unidirectional tapes

Providing the strength to unlock new levels of efficiency and performance. 

Unidirectional tapes

Sheldahl® branded unidirectional tapes and proprietary adhesive formulations provide the strength, reliability, and durability abrasive belts demand.

With a global distribution and support network, the ability to splice at custom angles, and custom adhesives designed specifically for your application, we work with every customer to ensure the performance you need.

Enabling more seamless innovation.

We offer several foundational tape colors relative to the belts being used and test every lot of tape we produce for added peace of mind. Our team is always available to help you select a unidirectional tape that meets your needs.

Creating a stronger bond.

We offer 700+ proprietary thermoset and thermoplastic adhesive recipes and curatives that are designed to enhance the chemistries between the adhesives and tapes for greater performance.

We’re here to help.

Connect with our engineers to find the right solution for any challenge.