Helping you deliver what’s next in connected healthcare technologies.


We create the flexible circuits and printed electronics needed to help our customers deliver more patient-centric remote wearables; more intuitive medical monitors; and smarter, more biocompatible tools and devices. And that’s just the beginning.

Helping you deliver what’s next in connected healthcare technologies.

With decades of experience partnering with medical device companies, our flexible technologies help make hospital stays safer and remote distance care more connected and reliable. Our ultra-thin flexible circuits also enable smarter, more reliable single- and multi-use surgical tools. Wherever there’s technology wrapped in a washable, anti-microbial surface, you’re likely to find Sheldahl innovation.

This flexible wearable circuit was custom shaped to our customer’s unique specifications.
We offer custom materials to help support smaller, lighter tools and devices that provide increased precision and less risk of product failure.
Our flexible printed circuit technology enables comfortable, connected medical wearables capable of monitoring and transmitting data.

Healthcare flexible circuit

Making less invasive surgery more common.

Flexible technologies provide a reliable data connection from the handle to the working portion of surgical tools, producing a lightweight and ergonomic solution for single- and multiple-use medical devices.

Simpler and more intuitive.

Flexible circuits enable the ability to give accurate feedback, presenting critical and detailed visual information back to the user. Their capabilities remove design limitations, opening new possibilities for small and tight spaces, along with uneven and flat surfaces.

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