Consumer appliances

Creating flexible circuit solutions that drive more efficient, intelligent, and connected appliances.

Consumer appliances

Today’s most sophisticated smart home devices and appliances are made possible by the wide spectrum of flexible printed circuit (FPC) and customer material technologies that Sheldahl has been innovating and perfecting for decades.

LED circuitry as flexible as your imagination.

From handheld devices and wearables to appliances, thermostats, lighting systems, and more, consumer demand for smarter, lighter accessibility and efficiency continues to grow. At Sheldahl, we help our partners keep pace with FPC technologies that deliver reliable, ultra-thin connectivity and maximum design freedom.

Our knowledgeable engineers will work with you to develop, prototype, and manufacture custom circuitry that fits the exact specifications of your next appliance or device project.

Ideal for harsh, high-vibration applications, Sheldahl’s FPCs can bend, twist, and move under heavy use, promoting more reliable connectivity and extended appliance life.
Sheldahl offers high-volume, supply-chain-friendly manufacturing right here in the U.S. Plus, our unique vertical integration ensures quality from raw material to finished product.


  • Reduced size and weight
  • FPCs are ultra-thin and lightweight, making them ideal for use in small, tight spaces. Reduced weight enables easier build and transport.
  • Increased design flexibility
  • FPC technology allows greater design flexibility and the freedom to create custom shapes and sizes, enabling our partners to respond to more consumer needs.
  • Enhanced durability
  • FPCs are less prone to damage from bending, twisting, or vibration than traditional electronics, making them ideal for use in appliances that undergo frequent movement or use.
  • Greater cost-effectiveness
  • FPCs feature a light, simplified manufacturing process, so they can often be produced at a lower cost than traditional electronics. This can help our partners price their products more competitively.