Architectural lighting

Shaping new possibilities in LED (light emitting diode) form, structure, design, and innovation.

Architectural lighting

We manufacture the flexible circuits and custom materials enabling today’s transformative architectural LED design and performance. Our collaborative lighting expertise also extends to applications ranging from automotive and agricultural to industrial, aerospace, and beyond.

LED circuitry as flexible as your imagination.

As LED innovation has evolved, Sheldahl has been there every step of the way, helping our lighting partners deliver increasingly brilliant LED design coupled with greater efficiency, longer life, improved thermal management, and greater regulatory compliance. Our flexible circuits and materials are durable, lightweight, multi-shaped and sized, and able to withstand high temperatures, making them an ideal solution for LED applications.

Our experienced design and engineering teams can work with you to manufacture flexible circuits that fit the exact specifications of your LED lighting designs.

LED light strings of every size, shape, length, and voltage are ideal applications for our wide range of small, lightweight, and pliable FPC products.
No matter what shape your next architectural project takes, our FPC technology offers a solution to help connect it, power it – and ensure it lasts.
Sheldahl offers scalable, high volume manufacturing right here in the Americas.

Q-Prime®. Future-shaping design.

Q-Prime® is a proprietary thermal management system used to improve the reliability and durability of innovative custom LED arrays.

Novaclad® HDI. For LED beauty in harsh environments.

Novaclad® HDI is a proprietary adhesiveless laminate technology that enables thinner, more compact circuit designs with higher interconnect densities, making it ideal for harsh, limited-space applications such as architectural and automotive lighting. Novaclad®’s ultra-thin dielectric also provides a low thermal impedance, making it suitable for thermal dissipation for high-power LEDs and components.

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