Smart packaging

Technologies that help make packaging more trackable, functional, and informative.

Smart packaging

More and more customers are using our flexible printed circuit (FPC) technology to improve the way their products are packaged, transported, tracked, and protected. Let us show you how our printed electronics enable sensors and interactive displays to integrate directly into smart packaging.

Packing more smarts into smart packaging.

Time and temperature sensors for food and pharmaceutical packaging. Interactive displays that provide greater supply chain transparency and consumer engagement. All this and more is made possible by our thin, lightweight FPC technology. These are highly flexible, state-of-the-art etched copper and printed silver circuits that conform and adhere to virtually any package design.

Sheldahl’s flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectivity enables higher levels of reliability and functionality for the entire packaging industry.

Tough, reliable tech for better package tracking.

Durable and weather-resistant, our FPCs provide the necessary electronic components and connectivity for sensors, power sources, RFID (radio-frequency identification), and other supply-chain-friendly packaging technologies.

Lightweight, durable, and extremely versatile, our FPCs help power innovation in the rapidly evolving fields of product packaging and transportation.

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