Aerospace technologies

Providing thermal management for virtually every rocket launched in the free world since the late 1950s.

Aerospace technologies

We both protect and help power delicate satellite and spacecraft electronics in space, while allowing you to throttle solar absorptance and emittance ratios to provide the desired level of energy to your spacecraft.

From Echo, Skylab, Mariner, and Viking to the far-reaching exploration of Voyager, Sheldahl® materials have played critical roles on many significant space missions. We help design and engineer custom thermal management and electromagnetic interference materials, along with advanced composites used in a variety of structural spacecraft components.

Sheldahl developed the structure fabrication on NASA’s very first satellite mission, Project Echo, in the late 1950s.

Protecting the ability to peer into deep space.

To shield the sensitive electronics on board the James Webb Space Telescope from the light and heat of the sun, we collaborated with our customer to manufacture a variety of intricate, layered materials for the tennis-court sized sunshield.

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