Human-machine interface (HMI)

Enabling more intuitive, human-centered connectivity across the consumer goods universe.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Resistive or capacitive, touch screen or keyboard, Sheldahl creates the flexible circuits and custom materials required to meet today’s toughest small-space, movable, and complex HMI design specifications.

Bringing humans and machines closer together.

For decades, we’ve been collaborating with customers in the design and production of smoother, more intuitive human interfaces for home appliances and devices, workplace machines, and virtually every other aspect of our hyperconnected world. Our flexible printed circuits provide adaptive, versatile, and cost-effective design freedom while delivering more durable and reliable connectivity.

Our flexible circuits and material solutions enable you to add HMI features to any surface, flat or curved, without adding bulk to your design. And our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities offer scalable, high-volume delivery you can trust.
By working with our diverse portfolio of materials (PEDOT, ITO, nano silvers, silver, carbon, etched copper, etc.), we can deliver the ideal solution for your specific application needs while providing more reliable and durable connectivity between people and technology.
Our design and engineering teams are helping customers all over the world transition from mechanical buttons and switches to touch sensor technology, converting virtually any plastic surface into a smart surface that responds to human touch.
Our unique, vertical integration provides the broadest range of material, fabrication, and assembly capabilities in the industry. We also offer scalable, high-volume, low-cost manufacturing that is U.S.-based and supply-chain friendly.