Human-machine interface (HMI) for automotive

We collaborate with OEMs and their suppliers on a global scale to help create fingertip control of automotive safety, performance, infotainment, and more through intuitive and reliable smart screen technology. Leveraging Sheldahl’s vast technical toolbox of flexible printed circuits and printed electronics, we enable touch solutions for electronics that meet the desires of engineers and consumers. Engage with us. We’ll bring decades of experience and the industry’s broadest range (PEDOT, indium tin oxide, nano silvers, silver, carbon, etched copper) of flexible and dependable touch sensor solutions to solve your unique needs.

Easier, more human-centered interactions.

Today’s leading-edge automotive instrument clusters and entertainment screens demand connectivity that conforms to tight, curved, and complex spaces. Our flexible printed circuit (FPC) technology delivers with reliable performance, design freedom, and dependable touch sensor solutions that address multiple applications. We’re an innovator in transparent capacitive touch, including haptic feedback. We’ll help take your HMI project to the next level.

Flexible circuit technology can turn virtually any interior surface into a smart interface.

A more flexible circuit for a more versatile interface.

Our ultra-thin FPC technology is ideal for smooth, compact automotive interiors. Its ability to conform to virtually any rigid shape allows for added features without added bulk. It also delivers weight savings, ease of assembly, and decades of proven performance in extreme conditions. Plus, we offer scalable, high-volume, low-cost manufacturing right here in the U.S. to help simplify your supply chain.

BMW iDrive
circuit used in iDrive

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