Flexible flat cable (FFC) insulation material for automotive

Our OEM partners seek out our flexible flat cable (FFC) and custom material technologies because they deliver outstanding connection in curved, tight, complex spaces often found in automotive applications. These are enhanced technologies that enable better integration between driver and vehicle via the steering wheel or virtually any other uneven surface. Bring us your next design project. We can help with quick-turn prototype development and high-volume production. 

Optimizing cable performance with FFCs.

Our FFC technology delivers superior cable management with zero wire coupling problems. Lightweight yet durable, our FFCs can accommodate several metal conductors and can repeatedly turn back on themselves for years of reliable performance. Customize them to meet your specific high-current or low-resistance requirements. They also offer improved electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) suppression.

Durable and highly conductive, our FFC products are used for clocksprings, wiring for automotive headliners, jumpers, interconnections, and more.


Automotive clocksprings for airbag connections in steering columns 


Wiring for automotive headliners 


Flat Cable Tape Product Selector Guide


Temperature resistant 

Controlled adhesive thicknesses 

Flexible and tough 

Excellent encapsulation ability 

Wide range of film and adhesive options 

Reduced twist flat cable tapes 

Double-sided flat cable tapes

Shielded flat cable tapes

Protecting FFC performance over the long haul.

We do more than just make your FFCs conductive. We also help shield and insulate your FFC conductivity from short circuits and damage with thin, flexible, protective materials. And, if your application calls for an FCC to be bonded to other components or surfaces, we can help there too. Our strong, flexible, reliable adhesive materials can be customized to your needs.

Whether it’s flexible conductive circuitry, protective insulation material, or both, Sheldahl can deliver on your FFC needs with U.S.-based manufacturing that is high volume and low cost.

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