BusBond® insulation tapes

We leverage decades of adhesive development experience to engineer insulation solutions for a range of busbar environments and applications that require high-temperature, abrasion, and weather resistance.

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BusBond® insulation tapes enable the flexibility to build stacked, multi-layered film combinations using modified epoxy or acrylic adhesives. Our single- and double-sided adhesives combine a proprietary modified acrylic flame-retardant adhesive with various dielectric films to meet the specific requirements of your design.

Prototype T1192 adds a layer of high-temperature tolerant safety orange coloring to the outside of BusBond® T1981.


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Aerospace and military
  • Industrial abrasive materials
  • Alternative and renewable energy


Excellent weatherability and UV resistance

Abrasion resistance and electrical strength

Multiple adhesive substrate applications

Superior adhesion to copper, aluminum, and other conductor materials

Available on PET, high RTI PET, PEN, PI, Nomex®, Tedlar®, Ultem®, and VALOX dielectric films


BusBond® Product Selector Guide

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We’ve provided thermal management solutions for every major U.S. space program since the 1950s.

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