Engine and powertrain

Our flexible printed circuit (FPC) and custom material technologies have been accelerating OEM innovation in harsh, underhood environments for more than 60 years. From durable engine sensors and ignition system applications to accurate and reliable fuel system controls, our FPCs and materials can conform to your unique engine requirements. They do this while remaining resilient to harsh temperatures, vibration, pressure, and exposure to fuel and other chemicals.

Optimize your next engine solution.

Beyond their resistance to wear and tear, our flexible circuits are designed to bend and flex, allowing you to shape our FPC technology to fit your specific engine design. This flexibility leads to greater connectivity and sensor accuracy because our materials are optimized to conform to your unique configurations. Challenge us. We can help solve your next powertrain innovation challenge.

Sheldahl® FPC and custom material technology helps enable OEM innovation throughout a vehicle’s entire powertrain ecosystem.

Custom FPCs: Tough, accurate, and lightweight.

Automotive engine sensors must remain accurate when measuring and transmitting critical temperature, pressure, and other data to the engine control unit (ECU). Our FPC technology delivers with enhanced connectivity that remains reliable over time. Moreover, our FPCs are compact and lightweight, which translates into reduced vehicle weight, improved handling, and more capability in less space.

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