Blanket closure tapes

We offer several blanket closure tapes in varying widths to help ensure the right solution for every mission.

Protecting your entire payload.

Our MLI blanket closure tapes provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for maintaining thermal control in a range of spacecraft applications by preventing gaps in the insulation layer. To ensure the protection and performance of your spacecraft, our first surface metallized tapes for low emittance, second surface aluminized polyimide tapes for moderate emittance, and additional polyimide tape offerings are designed to perform in the most extreme environments.

Designed to withstand the harsh conditions in space, our closure tapes help maintain thermal control by preventing gaps in the insulation layer.

Additionally, our closure tapes are designed for easy installation and removal, and can help reduce the overall amount of insulation needed, which can ultimately translate to cost savings. Our team is here to help you determine the right closure tape and adhesive solution to keep your most critical components protected.

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