Flexible flat cable (FFC) insulation material

Our flexible flat cable (FFC) solutions deliver outstanding connection technology for curved, tight spaces and flat surfaces in the most complex environments.

Extending the flex life of every cable.

As automobiles continue to be outfitted with more technology on board, our insulation materials help extend the life and possibilities of what flexible flat cable can do. From enhanced flame-retardant solutions to durable materials that can withstand years of repetitive motion, our insulation materials help improve uptime while reducing upkeep and cost over time. Whether it’s prototype development or large-scale production, our engineers can help support your most difficult projects.

Flexible, bendable solutions for compact and space-constrained applications. 


  • Automotive clocksprings for airbag connections
  • Wiring for automotive headliners
  • Jumpers/interconnections
  • Computer, printer, and data cables


  • Shielded flat cable tapes
  • Double-sided flat cable tapes


  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Excellent encapsulation
  • High flexibility and durability


Flexible flat cable tape product selector guide

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